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Wellbeing Services at Danbury Dental Care

Poor lifestyle and bad habits can cause problems for both you and the people around you. At Danbury Dental Care we offer solutions to help with smoking and snoring as well as providing support to our patients suffering with these issues.



If you are involved in any contact sport we highly recommend you wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from damage or from any teeth being knocked out.

A good-fitting mouth guard is also important if you wear braces, have fixed anterior bridgework or simply want to protect your teeth/ smile from potential trauma. The most effective type of mouth guard is one that is tailor-made and individualised to you.

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Sleep Well


Sleepwell Appliances incorporate the latest technology for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. They provide a reversible, non-invasive treatment without the use of drugs or moving part machinery of any kind.

A Sleepwell is a custom-made oral device, which is worn in the mouth during sleep to reduce snoring and/or sleep apnea. It is a Patent Pending design, which looks similar to two sports mouthguards. These are worn simultaneously, allowing the coloured acrylic bite-ramps to interface and gently position the lower jaw forward. There is a soft inner surface that fits snuggly around the teeth and gums, holding the appliance securely in place.

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