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Danbury Dental Care private treatment fees

Please find below a guide to typical treatment costs at Danbury Dental Care. Using this as a basis, we provide detailed, costed Treatment Plans for your review and approval prior to any work commencing.

Assessments Private Fees from:
New Patient Examination £77.00
Adult Examination £52.00
Children (Under 16s) Examination FREE
Emergency Appointment £120.00
Full Mouth X-Ray (OPG) £55.00
Sectional 3D Scan (CBCT) £250.00
Hygiene Private Fees from:
Scale & Polish £70.00
Scale & Polish with air abrasion £110.00
Root Surface debridement (per quadrant) £120.00
General Dentistry Private Fees from:
Composite Filling (White) from £120.00
Extraction from £120.00
Root Canal Treatment from £500.00
Dentures from £600.00
Cosmetic Dentistry Private Fees from:
Veneers (per tooth) from £660.00
Crowns (per tooth) per £600.00
Composite Bonding (per tooth) from £180.00
Teeth Whitening (both arches) £350.00
Specialist Treatments Private Fees from:
Implant Consultation £49.00
Implants (including crown) per £2,200.00
Implant Bone Graft / Sinus List Quoted by Dentist
Invisalign clear brace system from £3,500.00
Fixed Braces from £3,800.00
Conscious Dental Sedation Private Fees from:
Inhalation Sedation from £120 per hour
IV Sedation £300 per hour
Facial Aesthetics Private Fees from:
3 Facial Areas £320.00
Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating £550.00
Masseter Treatment for Grinding/Bruxism £500.00
Filler (price per 1ml) £300.00

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