Welcome to Danbury Dental Care

General health and wellbeing are greatly affected by our teeth. Therefore at Danbury Dental Care, we believe we are in the people business, not in teeth. You will find staff generally interested in you as a person. We pride ourselves in our same-day emergency treatment. Our philosophy is to provide the best possible comprehensive and preventative care based on every individual patient’s needs. Our practice grows primarily through word-of-mouth, therefore it  is paramount that expectations are met and that patients have a memorable experience. Regular sedation sessions are arranged for nervous patients and individuals who need extensive restorative work.  Free consultations are offered for schoolchildren of current adult patients. End-of-treatment questionnaires inform us whether our patients’ expectations have been met and where we can improve our service.

We also provide a finance option – a great way to plan and pay for your treatments.  You can plan your course of treatment and finance it, over a period of 12 months, with an interest free loan.  It’s very simple and fast to arrange and we are happy to guide you through this process.